Who takes these photographs?

Well, I do... and I'm Marjoleine Brons. I'm a commercial and portrait photographer living in the Netherlands. 


But these are flowers. What has happened?

Being a florist as well, one day my love for flowers took over and I found myself in the studio trying to photograph a flower in the same way I photograph people.


What's your wish for these portraits?

I would really like to see them printed in large formats and put on the wall of your home, restaurant, hotel and even the bus station. I think that our nature deserves a place where it's truly seen. 


Why should the prints be big?

Big is always better when it comes to photographs. But seriously, it makes the flowers majestic, gives them more poise and status. Also large prints let you see every tiny detail. Every little hair, vein and structure becomes visible. You can see the real beauty of nature.



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Marjoleine Brons
©Marjoleine Brons

Aug. 2018 - Exposition Amersfoort Fotostad

Dec. 2018 - LXRY fair

Jan. 2019 - Exposition StAeg Amersfoort

Feb. 2019 - International Garden Photographer of the Year Award - finalist

Aug. 2020 - Shortlisted Photographen Close-up Photographer of the year

Juni-aug 2021 - International group exposition Museum Willem Morgner Soest Dld.

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